When should you clean the inside of your computer?

The time frame to schedule a hardware cleanup for your laptop or desktop depends on several circumstances. If you answer “yes” to more than three of the following questions, you should get your computer cleaned out at least once or twice a year.

  1. Do you have furry pets?
  2. Do you smoke near the computer?
  3. Is your home somewhat dusty? (no judgment)
  4. If you have a laptop, do you sometimes lay it on soft surfaces (bed, couch, etc.)?
  5. Does your computer often get used intensively (playing video games, editing videos, multitasking with many tabs, etc.)?
  6. Do you notice your fans are spinning faster/louder recently?
  7. Does your computer get hot very quickly?

Is your computer suffering from blocked fans?
The most common symptoms for a clogged or dusty computer are:

  1. Fans spinning fast and loud, even if you’re not doing anything intense – for example just browsing the web
  2. Your computer (especially laptop) gets very hot easily
  3. When playing games, your computer can overheat and shut down
  4. It takes slightly longer to do everyday tasks on your computer

Fan speed + CPU temps before cleanup

Fan speed + CPU temps after cleanup (during a stress test)

Most laptops are built with space in mind – that means the fans don’t often have a lot of free space around them that allows them to cool it efficiently. It also means dust, hair, and other particles get stuck easily, and the air stops flowing freely.
We often remove pieces of fluff that look more like felt – just a hard, compressed lump, making decent airflow impossible.

Besides the fans, you should also be aware of thermal paste, a special paste used to dissipate heat from your CPU (the brain of the computer). Re-applying the compound allows the Central Processing Unit to cool down more efficiently and guide heat to the heat sink.

What can you expect after a hardware cleanup and new thermal paste?

  1. Your computer stays cooler 
  2. The fans will run slower, making your computer quieter
  3. You can use your computer more intensively (play games, have more tabs open, etc.)
  4. Your hardware will last longer thanks to lower temperatures

Worn out thermal paste

Newly applied thermal paste

Ready to go home!

PRO offers hardware clean-up and thermal paste replacement for a $90 flat rate with a turnaround of 1-2 days.
Make an appointment today and enjoy a cooler computer!