Computer Hardware Cleanup

The most common symptoms for a computer in need of a cleanup are:

  1. Fans spinning fast and loud, even if you’re not doing anything intense – for example just browsing the web
  2. Your computer (especially laptop) gets very hot easily
  3. When playing games, your computer can overheat and shut down
  4. It takes slightly longer to do everyday tasks on your computer

The PROs will clean out and remove all dust and hairs, and replace the thermal paste. This allows your computer to keep cool more efficiently and provides better airflow.


PRO will clean your computer from dust and make sure nothing is blocking the air vents. In addition, we will replace the thermal paste in your computer that allows it to cool more efficiently.  We will check every critical component to ensure everything is working correctly and ensure your device is efficiently cooled.

What can you expect after a hardware cleanup and newly applied thermal paste?

  1. Your computer stays cooler 
  2. The fans will run slower, making your computer quieter
  3. You can use your computer more intensively (play games, have more tabs open, etc.)
  4. Your hardware will last longer thanks to lower temperatures

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