NAS/Server Data Recovery

If you have saved your important files on a Network-Accessed Storage device or server and don’t have access to the files anymore – we can help. Our PRO tech will take a look at your device and diagnose it for free. You will receive a customized quote based on the amount of damage, data, etc. that you can conveniently approve or deny.

We can help you recover important files for:

  • Different types of RAID levels (RAID-0, 1, and 5)
  • Different manufacturer devices (Synology, Seagate, Western Digital, and more)
  • Different levels of damage

The pricing for NAS and server data recovery depend on several factors, including: the RAID level on the device, the amount of data that needs to be recovered, the severity of the damage, and more. We recommend just bringing your device in, where we can run diagnostics and give you an exact estimate with no strings attached.

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