IMPORTANT! PRO is no longer providing computer repair services to the residential market.

Chicago Flat Rate Custom Build PC

Custom build computers or gaming PCs are specially designed with a specific purpose in mind.

Whether its gaming, video editing, stock trading or graphic design — if you want to get on top of the game and buzz with creativity, you should also have the best rig available in the field. We can help you with that.

In need of a computer system that’s custom tailored from the ground up to suit your needs or keep up certain frame rates? Maybe you’re looking for powerful computer for gaming or trading?

PRO provides a straightforward process in building custom computer systems made for various everyday tasks including (but not limited to, obviously) gaming systems, workstations, multitasking systems, trading/stock market systems, multiple monitor support systems, autoCAD/graphic design/animation systems, multimedia, data & custom build servers, and more. We love playing around with high performance custom gaming systems with liquid cooling, lights, special design cases—just say the word.

Here at PRO, we take pride in providing the best custom built systems specifically for the client’s needs. We work alongside the client to find out exactly what their needs are and part out the computer accordingly.

Free one-on-one Consultation

If you have an idea of what you might want but aren’t too familiar with the technical details, or would just like to ask for some guidance, the PRO techs will start a conversation about your new custom PC. We will ask you some questions to figure out your technical needs and budget, and let you know of the best options available.

Custom Build Gaming Computers

Usually, the newer the game, the more powerful graphic settings they need in order to work properly. Is the framerate of your current computer way too low or does your machine simply overheat when in a serious match? Believe us—we understand the frustration and will come up with the best setup for your budget that allows you to get the most out of every game.

Video Editing Custom Build

Are you a videographer, cinemography, or content creator who needs to render, edit and save large video files often? Rendering is one of the most CPU-intensive activities you can perform on your computer, and often ends with lost files and overheated systems. We can help you come up with the most optimal build for your needs while staying in your price range.

3D / Graphic Design Build

Unlike the mass-produced systems you can find just about anywhere, PRO builds computers that are meant to break the mold by picking out each component to fit your needs. Depending on workload your software and rendering you perform, we can set you up with the perfect system that meets your requirements and your budget.

Custom Build Trading Station

A big misconception about building trading computers is that they need to be very expensive and powerful. That is simply not the case—especially if you are just starting your trading adventures. You might need several monitors to keep track of all the stocks, and a powerful enough graphics card/CPU to keep up with the displays. PRO also provides solutions for trading monitors and stands with up to 6 monitors. We can help you understand what you need and build a custom setup to meet your work needs.

Already know what you want?


What you get:

  • Get your computer professionally built and stress tested
  • Windows license, installation, and testing
  • Save money with your own research and parts

Getting started:

  1. Make an appointment to drop off computer parts
  2. We put together your computer and stress test it to make sure it works well
  3. Pick up your computer and enjoy!


Build $300

After we receive your computer parts, we start putting them together, installing an operating system, and stress testing it.

Once everything looks good, we will let you know to pick up your computer, and you can pay the labor cost upon pickup.

Not sure what you need?

Build + Parts Consultation*

What you get:

  • Get the best result for your budget and needs
  • Professionally built and stress tested
  • 3-year warranty on all hardware parts – if anything stops working, drop it off and get it fixed for free

Getting started:

  1. Schedule a 30-minute call to discuss your needs and budget
  2. We put together a parts list and purchase the parts
  3. We build your computer and stress test it


Build $300 + Consultation $150

After the web meeting, you will receive an invoice for $150, which you can pay online.

The PROs put together a parts list and ask for your approval. Upon approving, you are charged for 50% upfront (half of the labor cost and half of the cost of the parts). You can pay the remaining 50% of the total when you pick up your new custom build.

*If you prefer to pick out your own parts for your needs, we recommend using You can do some research, compare parts, and drop off the components at our shop, where we will professionally assemble your new device.

Looking to beef up your current custom build?

If you already have a decent custom build PC, but you’d like it to be a little more powerful, you can have the PROs fix the bottlenecks. We’ll figure out what would give you most bang for your buck and replace only a few parts, so you don’t need to build a computer from scratch.


$150 for consultation and build

In just over 17 years, PRO has grown from another ‘dime a dozen’ corner shop with humble beginnings in  Andersonville into the most trusted computer repair and technology services company in Chicago. 

Location & Hours


As of April 2022, after almost 20 years of servicing Chicago residents with in-shop and on-site services, PRO is now exclusively servicing small businesses and nonprofit organizations with their IT needs.

We thank you all for your support throughout the years 💖