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Recently suffered from data loss? If your drive stops showing up on your computer, the disks stop spinning or you accidentally deleted your files, all is not lost. 

Hard drive recovery is a simple procedure if the drive is recognized by our specialized software.
Only about 20% of storage devices that make their way to our office have suffered from physical damage and need extensive data recovery.

If your drive stops showing up on your computer or the disks stop spinning, all is not lost. File recovery is a rather simple procedure if the drive is recognized by our specialized software. Only about 20% of storage devices that make their way to our office have suffered from physical damage and need level II data recovery.

Deleted some important files on accident or just lost them? The first place to check is, of course, the Recycle Bin. If, for some reason, there are no files there, make sure you have “hidden files” enabled on your computer. You can find those settings at the top bar of your File Explorer (click on “View” at the very top, then tick “hidden items”). If you can still not find them, our specialty software might still be able to recover deleted files.

PRO offers a flat rate for level I (no physical damage) hard drive recovery services and a no data, no charge policy. We provide data recovery from devices like (external hard drives), memory cards, USB and SD flash drives, NAS, RAID drives and servers.

In case the drive is more damaged, we can send the drive to a Chicago data recovery center to conduct a more thorough recovery.

Level I Data Recovery

Your failing hard drive doesn’t mean you have lost all your data—in most cases, PRO can recover and restore your lost files within 1-3 days and we offer a no data, no charge policy. Depending on the amount of data, the time frame might vary slightly, but the amount will not affect the pricing. We use logical data recovery that recovers lost files if you have ransomware on your computer, if your computer has blue screened or if the drive cannot be identified by your computer.

Level II Data Recovery

If your drive is making clicking or grinding noises or if it fell when it was working, odds are that it is mechanically damaged. Mechanically damaged hard drive data recovery requires a level II service, which usually costs around $1,000 to $2,000 and takes around 10-20 days. If you are interested, we will get an exact quote for you to approve or deny, no strings attached.

How does it work?


You can stop by at our Jefferson Park shop, or ship in your device—whether it’s a USB, hard drive, computer, or any other device. Our sign-in process takes mere minutes, after which we can start the recovery.


After we have received the drive, we will start our in-shop process of recovering data. If your drive isn’t mechanically damaged, we can usually extract your data within a few days and for a flat fee.


If we were able to extract your data from your device, we will put your data on a brand new medium and hand it back to you. If the drive was mechanically damaged, we can get a quote for level II and take it from there, or just return the drive to you without charge.

In just over 17 years, PRO has grown from another ‘dime a dozen’ corner shop with humble beginnings in  Andersonville into the most trusted computer repair and technology services company in Chicago. 

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