How does Data Recovery work?

Did you know? When you delete a file from your computer, it doesn’t just disappear. The contents are still there, but the file’s space will be marked as “not important” or “free.” Your file will only be lost if it is overwritten by another file – before that, it is possible to retrieve the deleted

When to clean the inside of your computer?

When should you clean the inside of your computer? The time frame to schedule a hardware cleanup for your laptop or desktop depends on several circumstances. If you answer “yes” to more than three of the following questions, you should get your computer cleaned out at least once or twice a year. Do you have

Why should you upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10?

Why should you upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10? Are you still using Windows 7, and love it? Is it the old friend that you don’t want to let go of to make room to a new version that is unknown and different? Many people are facing the upgrade since Windows 7 will no

What is the difference between malware and viruses?

Difference between Malware and Viruses When most people think of an infected computer, their brain screams “VIRUS!”. That is usually not the case, and almost all the infected computers that are brought to our shop do not have a virus. Most affected computers, instead, have a case of the malwares. What is the main difference?

IP-addressing Simply Explained

IP-addressing Simply Explained IP-addressing sits at the heart of networking. We have currently been using IPv4 (the acronym stands for Internet Protocol version 4), but since all the addresses are running out quickly, we will be switching over to IPv6 in the future. So what are they? Let’s look a little deeper into what the

Most popular RAID levels explained

Most popular RAID levels explained You have probably heard the term SSD or Solid State Drive before. So what is it exactly and how does it compare to the regular hard drive? The term “RAID” gets thrown around a lot and it might sound pretty complex. Believe me—it is not, and you can become fluent