Chicago Electronics Recycling

PRO is a drop-off point for Chicago’s electronics recycling.

You can drop off your technology and be assured all your data gets destroyed and the devices will get utilized in an ecological and safe way. 

PRO has partnered with AVA recycling to offer our clients a full-circle for their technology. If you want to upgrade, have a broken TV or computer or are just doing your spring cleaning, you can drop your recycling off at our Jefferson Park location. We ask you to please register your drop off using the button above, so we know when to expect you.

Unfortunately, we do not offer pick-up services, so you will need to drop off the devices yourself. You are welcome to step in before bringing the devices and ask a member of the team to help you carry your electronics in. 

Since recycling technology can be hazardous, we charge for the recycling of some devices. 

We always recycle computers, cables, christmas lights, light bulbs, batteries, computer parts, and small electronics without charge. So what do we charge for?

Recycling Fees

Small in-home printer — $10

Big office printer — $15

Flat screen TV up to 44” — $30

Flat screen TV over 45” — $40

Cabinet/projection TV — $90

Tube TV under 23” — $35

Tube TV 24” to 32” — $45

Tube TV over 32” — $60

CRT monitor — $20

Microwave — $10

In just over 17 years, PRO has grown from another ‘dime a dozen’ corner shop with humble beginnings in  Andersonville into the most trusted computer repair and technology services company in Chicago. 

Location & Hours

  • Call or text us: 773-907-0600
  • Monday - Friday 9 AM - 6 PM
  • Saturday 10 AM - 3 PM

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