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Proactive Computer Maintenance & Antivirus

Technology can be tricky and prone to breaking—but we might have the antidote.
Sleep easy knowing that your computer is secured and in good condition.


PRO Care works as an insurance package for your computer. We keep an eye out for all possible threats and malfunctions before they happen to minimize the impact and clear them before they snowball into a bigger issue.


Since we take care of potential issues before they become bigger issues, we will save you money and time in the long run. Coulda-woulda-shoulda isn’t something you want to be thinking about when things have gone South.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that you have a whole team of IT experts behind you when you’re having computer issues will give you peace of mind. What’s easier than having us quickly fix your issues in close to no time and effort from you?

With PRO Care, you no longer need to worry about your computer’s security, speed and overall health. We manage and monitor your system to keep it in top condition and, we can do this all remotely while you’re using your device, so we don’t need to inconvenience you with an on-site visit or any digital downtime.

  • Is your computer running slow?
  • Do you have the latest security updates?
  • Is your antivirus up to date?
  • Are your photos and files backed up?

If you answered “No” (or “I don’t know”) to any of these questions, PRO Care can benefit you!

Let PRO keep all of your systems performing at optimal levels with our proactive service that prevents most computer and system problems before repairs get both costly and timeconsuming.

PRO Care Packages

Cloud Backup Add-On

We see people lose their data due to hardware errors or just unfortunate accidents all the time. That’s why we have provided an option for our clients to add an extra layer of data security to their important files.

PRO offers a cost-effective and practical data backup solution that goes hand-in-hand with our proactive PRO Care package. This means that we will make sure your data gets backed up regularly, so you don’t need to even think about it. 

What's included?

Cloud-Based Antivirus

  • Our Cloud-Based Antivirus frees up computer resources by off-loading processing to the Cloud
  • Protects against never-seen threats thanks to Deep Learning
  • If we encounter intelligent malware trying to access your system, we will take care of it manually

Proactive Maintenance

  • Weekly Health Status reports keep an eye on your computer’s overall health to avoid snowballing problems
  • Disk Health Checks make sure your hard drive is in good condition
  • If important updates are not going through, we will log onto your computer and fix the issue manually

15% Off Tech Services

  • Save 15% each time you use one of the following PRO tech services:
  • On-Site Visits
  • Remote Tech Support
  • In-Shop Repairs

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In just over 17 years, PRO has grown from another ‘dime a dozen’ corner shop with humble beginnings in  Andersonville into the most trusted computer repair and technology services company in Chicago. 

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