IMPORTANT! PRO is no longer providing computer repair services to the residential market.

Laptop Hinge Repair

Laptop hinges are often prone to breakage since the lid is usually opened and closed several times per day. Most often, we see damage occurring from clients opening the lid from either of the sides of the screen instead of the middle part. If you notice your laptop lid opens extremely easily, or the screen won’t stay in a specific position, it’s time to consider hinge repair. Laptop hinges already loose or cracked? Make sure to keep the laptop in a position that doesn’t inflict further damage. If you close the laptop and it makes a clicking and cracking sound, you might damage the bezel further.

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Most of the time, we replace the bottom or top cover of the laptop and tighten the hinges, which fixes the problem. This fix is relatively fast, and we get laptops in and out in around 3-4 days (depending on the needed part). The particular solution is dependant on the specific computer model, which is why we offer a free diagnosis to let you know what needs to be repaired and how much the laptop hinge repair would cost.

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As of April 2022, after almost 20 years of servicing Chicago residents with in-shop and on-site services, PRO is now exclusively servicing small businesses and nonprofit organizations with their IT needs.

We thank you all for your support throughout the years 💖