IMPORTANT! PRO is no longer providing computer repair services to the residential market.

Fast & Reliable Chicago MacBook Air Repair

For over 15 years, PRO has been Chicago's go-to for your MacBook Air repairs. You can find our specific repair services below.

Not sure of the problem?

Whether your computer just won’t boot, the screen is blank, your charger doesn’t work or you’re having any other issue you can’t pinpoint, PRO offers a FREE diagnosis and estimate within 1-2 days, no strings attached.  Walk-ins welcome!

Issues with your MacBook Air? Whether it’s a cracked screen, no video or sound, broken keys, or a failing hard drive—PRO can help. We have been on the computer repair arena in Chicago since 2003, and we have seen our fair share of screen repairs, software issues, computer upgrades, and so much more.
Often, we get clients who first turn to the Apple store, but quickly back out because of the high price. More often than not, we are able to fix your issues in a more cost effective manner.

We take pride in our work on Mac computers and have polished our internal systems for years to make the back-end work as smooth and quick as possible. After we have received your computer, you can just log in to our Repair Portal to keep an eye on any updates. We have automated every tedious task without losing the personal touch—we think it just allows us to allocate more time to understand the client issues and offer the best support.

Stephanie G.
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Spilt water on my MacBook Air and flipped out. I made an appointment to go to the Apple Store, but a friend recommended PRO. I was afraid that I would have to get a new computer, but the guy [at PRO] was pretty sure it would not come to that! Sure enough, he replaced my mother board and $349 later, my computer returned to me just as it was right before my motherboard took a swim!
John P.
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Dropped my Macbook Air off a few days ago. Within a few hours, received an email with the issue (dead battery) and an estimate to have it fixed. Picked up the machine yesterday and it works as good as new. Staff (both online chat and in-store) were very friendly and accommodating. Plus the 120-day warranty is an added perk in case there are any future problems.
Jonathan S.
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I had the unfortunate experience of spilling tea on my Macbook Air. The Best Buy repair team quoted me almost $1200 to fix it. I looked online and found PRO, and I gave them a call. The rep was pleasant and professional, and quickly gave me an estimate around a third of Best Buy's price. Speaking to them was pleasant, they kept me posted, and I also was able to receive email alerts.
Trish P.
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I called about what I was experiencing with my MacBook Air, Word and Excel files. I brought my computer in and talked to Jake at the Jefferson Park location. Later that afternoon they called and emailed me the estimate and diagnosis of the problem. The following day, they called and emailed when my computer was fixed and complete. Great service and quick turnaround!

Computer not turning on?

MacBook painfully slow?

Charging port loose?

Screen cracked?

Spilled water on your MacBook?

Accidentally deleted data?

MacBook won’t boot up?

Battery won’t hold charge?

MacBook randomly shuts off?

Need data transferred?

PRO is a service company that offers a multitude of flat rate repairs that cover issues from motherboard repairs, software problems, hard drive problems, data transfers, replacing laptop screens, OS reinstalls, and more.
PRO flat rate pricing is an upfront all-inclusive repair based on a specific problem and includes parts, labor, and taxes. 


As of April 2022, after almost 20 years of servicing Chicago residents with in-shop and on-site services, PRO is now exclusively servicing small businesses and nonprofit organizations with their IT needs.

We thank you all for your support throughout the years 💖